Legislative Alert: Stop SB 167 Agenda 21 – Call Before 9am

Take Back Kentucky has asked us to leave 3 messages for this legislative alert to OPPOSE SB 167. We have until 9AM TODAY Wed 3/19/14 to call before it moves forward. Message 1 For: ALL Senate Transportation Committee Members, ALL Senate Leadership, and YOUR Senator. “Oppose SB 167, this is Agenda 21 in disguise. It is the furtherance of regionalization, which is a main component of Agenda 21.” Message 2 For: bill sponsor Senator Ernie Harris — he’s on our side on this issue, he just needs to be educated. “Please . . . → Read More

Minutes 2-6-14

6:30pm Lexington Tea Party Meeting begins: 31 people in attendance. Welcome: Moderator Dawn Cloyd welcomed the group, brief intro of attendees. Treasurer Clayton Higgs announced that we have $432 in the checking account. 1 Min. Announcements: Michael Johnson and Sally O'Boyle at the NKY Tea Party Christmas partyMichael Johnson of Tea Party of the People (Tea POP) thanked everyone . . . → Read More

Minutes 1-2-14

Matt Bevin at the January meeting of the Lexington Tea Party6:30pm Meeting begins: 30 people in attendance. Welcome: John Kemper welcomed the group, gave brief intro to Lexington Tea Party. 1 Min. Announcements: Wes Eklund from Young Americans for Liberty at U.K. made an announcement re. upcoming events 10 Min. Updates: David Adams on Obamacare, what’s happened to date, . . . → Read More

Minutes 12-5-2013

david adams at lexington tea party meeting6:30pm Meeting begins Welcome: David Adams welcomed the group, gave brief intro to Lexington Tea Party Greetings: Went around the room for Announcements and brief introductions (intros included since this was the first meeting) Speaker: Brian Potters running for Fayette County Sheriff, talked about his qualifications; that he will require feds to seek . . . → Read More